August 18, 2016

What are the differences between read-only and read-write tags?

read-write tags

Read-write tags difference with read-only tags, the most important point is the With read-write chips, you can add information to the tag or write over existing information.

A read-only tag has a unique factory-assigned serial number for identification that cannot be modified. A read-write tag, on the other hand, is field programmable which can be written to at least once. Write-once, read-many (WORM) tags and read-write (RW) tags which can be written to multiple times, are the two types of read-write tags.

Microchips in RFID tags can be read-write or read-only. With read-write tags chip, you can add information to the tag or write over existing information when the tag is within range of a reader, or interrogator. Read-write tags usually have a serial number that can’t be written over. Additional blocks of data can be used to store additional information about the items the tag is attached to. Some read-only microchips have information stored on them during the manufacturing process. The information on such chips can never been changed. Other tags can have a serial number written to it once and then that information can’t be overwritten later.

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