August 16, 2016

What are the advantages of RFID tags?

Advantages of RFID tags, RFID has many advantages over barcodes, but barcodes have become a standard in many industries for many worthwhile reasons. Depending on the application, either system will have its strengths and weaknesses. When it comes time for you to make a decision between either system, keep the initial and recurring costs in mind, as well as the potential return on your investments. In years past, implementing a full-scale RFID system was cost prohibitive for small to mid-size companies, but today, the difference in the cost of a new barcode system versus an RFID system may be minimal in certain applications. Also, investing in an RFID system may pay for itself over time due to potential increases in efficiency and decreases in errors.

RFID applications enables inventory efficiency as line-of-sight is not required to read RFID tags. Although the initial cost may be high at first, the total cost of ownership can go down over the years and provide a good return of investment. On the other hand, an RFID tag is less vulnerable to damage comparing to barcode as it is protected by an outer case.

With an RFID system, you could see improvements in your business due to these advantages:

RFID doesn’t need line of sight.

An RFID tag is read/write.

RFID tags are durable and reusable.

Data is encrypted.

RFID tags are capable of storing more data.

Read rate is greatly increased.

RFID tags can be printed with a barcode.

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