September 23, 2016

What Are NFC Tags Of Mobile Marketing ?


What Are NFC Tags?
NFC, short for Near Field Communications , is a short range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields. NFC is meant for applications where a physical touch, or close to it, is required for a transaction. NFC is the emerging technology behind Google’s Android Mobile Wallet application and other contactless mobile payment solutions. With the announcement of iPhone 6, all modern smartphones will now be equipped with NFC.

NFC Mobile Marketing Reaches New Audiences
Mobile marketing with NFC offers seamless transactions in the physical world because it only involves tapping, touching, or waving an NFC compatible device in front of an NFC hot spot, such as a smart poster or NFC business card This effortless exchange of digital information, combined with the broad range of NFC applications, is why many are predicting NFC will be a part of everybody’s lives soon.

NFC Enabled Signage Products
NFC is the vital link that will take print signage to the next level. NFC will allow customers to further engage with print signage through a simple touch of the phone to an NFC target. This will turn printed signage into real world a call-to-action for mobile interactions. NFC enabled signage products will also deliver more value and will track analytics that drive marketing campaigns. This has always been a challenge for printed signage.

NFC Tag Management
Manage all of your NFC tags all directly from the Tappinn platform. Create NFC specific URLs that will track taps and help you gain a further insight in consumer activity. These analytics will help drive your NFC mobile marketing campaigns with captured data about your customers. By providing different NFC links to your tags you can compare how well tags are performing. Our NFC tag management system tracks visits, visitor locations, a device breakdown, page views by hour and recent sessions.

Create Effective Marketing with NFC Tags and QR Codes
Slightly different than scanning a QR code, NFC tasks simply require the touching or tapping of a NFC enabled device. But like QR codes, NFC is used as a trigger for mobile engagement with audiences.

In many cases, QR Codes can compliment NFC marketing efforts, especially in the early stages of NFC adoption. The gap between smartphones that can scan QR codes but not read NFC tags can be bridged with a coordinated effort from both. On Tappinn, marketers can use tools to track engagements initiated by NFC tag stickers or QR codes, all on the same platform. Tappinn provides members with analytics for QR codes, SMS and NFC marketing.


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