August 16, 2016

What are ISO18000-6C and its family?


It is part of the ISO 18000-6 and is the most commonly used standard for the communications between tags and readers in ultra-high frequency (860 to 930 MHz). ISO 18000-7 is another widely-accepted international standard that specialized for air interface in the 433 MHz frequency band. Other ISO 18000 family includes:

  • ISO 18000-1        Generic parameters for air interfaces in globally accepted frequencies
  • ISO 18000-2        Specialized for air interface in the 135 KHz frequency band
  • ISO 18000-3        Specialized for air interface in the 13.56 MHz frequency band
  • ISO 18000-4        Specialized for air interface in the 2.45 GHz frequency band
  • ISO 18000-5        Specialized for air interface in the 5.8 GHz frequency band

A list of other related/well established ISO standards:

  • ISO 10536            ISO RFID standard for close coupled cards
  • ISO 11784            ISO RFID standard that defines the way in which data is structured on an

RFID tag.

  • ISO 11785            ISO RFID standard that defines the air interface protocol.
  • ISO 14443            ISO RFID standard that provides the definitions for air interface protocol

for RFID tags used in proximity systems – aimed for use with payment


  • ISO 15459            Unique identifiers for transport units (used in supply chain


  • ISO 15693            ISO RFID standard for use with what are termed vicinity cards
  • ISO 15961            ISO RFID standard for Item Management (includes application interface

(part 1), registration of RFID data constructs (part 2), and RFID data

constructs (part 3).

  • ISO 15962            ISO RFID standard for item management – data encoding rules and

logical memory functions.

  • ISO 16963            ISO RFID standard for item management – unique identifier of RF tag.
  • ISO 18000            ISO RFID standard for the air interface for RFID frequencies around the


  • ISO 18001            RFID for item management – application requirements profiles.
  • ISO 18046            RFID tag and interrogator performance test methods.
  • ISO 18047            The ISO RFID standard that defines the testing including conformance

testing of RFID tags and readers. This is split into several parts that

mirror the parts for ISO 18000.

  • ISO 18185            Electronic Seal Tags
  • ISO 22389            RFID Read/Write for Containers
  • ISO 24710            Information technology, automatic identification and data capture

techniques – RFID for item management – Elementary tag license plate

functionality for ISO 18000 air interface.

  • ISO 24729            RFID implementation guidelines – part: RFID enabled labels; part 2:

recyclability of RF tags; part 3: RFID interrogator / antenna installation.

  • ISO 24730            RFID real time locating system: Part 1: Application Programming

Interface (API); Part 2: 2.4 GHz; Part 3: 433 MHz; Part 4: Global Locating


  • ISO 24752            System management protocol for automatic identification and data

capture using RFID

  • ISO 24753            Air interface commands for battery assist and sensor functionality
  • ISO 24769            Real Time Locating System (RTLS) device conformance test methods
  • ISO 24770            Real Time Locating System (RTLS) device performance test methods

Other related well established RFID standards:

  • ANSI INCITS 256:2001        American RFID standard for item management
  • EAN.UCC GTAG               Application standard for use of RFID in the macro supply chain
  • ANSI MH 10.8.4              Application standard for RFID on reusable containers
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