September 30, 2016

Wehere To Buy Custom RFID Festival Wristbands ?


Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card Co., Ltd. is the major leading RFID manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years production and R&D experience. Mainly products: rfid card, rfid tag, rfid wristband, rfid blocking sleeve, rfid keyfob, etc. Customize a RFID card according to your requirements with us.

The resilient One-way RFID wristbands are made of thin PVC. Apart from the flexible design, RFID festival wristbands is completely waterproof for unpredictable accident to ensure its normal operation. Certainly, by embedded the unique chip inside the RFID wrist housing, this kind of RFID festival wristbands could provide convenience with security for admission of festival events. To sum up, RFID LED wristband is one of the most powerful and innovative product from our RFID.

In addition, RFID festival wristbands can be customized through silkscreen printing with personnel numbers or other important information about the festival event. Actually, RFID festival wristbands not only benefits the participants, but also increases the profits for festival organizers due to its disposability design at low cost. Besides, RFID LED wristband is made of polyster so that it is strong enough to extend its life.

More importantly, festival organizers can obtain the information of each participant intelligently and quickly by taking advantage of RFID festival wristbands to some extent. In a word, RFID festival wristbands transforms the festival experience and launches a new era of festival with more convenient and efficient performance. Based on the advanced technology, RFID wristband Design has the reading distance up to 20cm, particularly suitable for various access control management.

Moreover, RFID wristband design is designed with a special snap closure, making it flexible and easy to wear but still tightly worn on the hand. Besides, RFID wristband design works at the operating temperature from -40 to +100 Degrees Celsius, which can be able to withstand wear and tear in poor environment. Additionally, in spite of disposable design, RFID wristband design is waterproof due to PVC material, which improves its durability even for short term use.

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