September 9, 2016

Waterproof RFID Tag Help To Improve Our Life


Nowadays, NFC medical bracelet has become an indispensable management tool in hospital. One of the largest limitations facing the RFID industry has been the cost of the equipment, especially the tags. Besides, technical limitation facing RFID adoption is the inability of Radio Frequency (RF) waves to be read through certain materials.

RFID is a true next-generation technology which ready, available and being implemented today that is transforming how companies manage and extract more business value from their supply chain operations. Whether in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retailing, travel and transportation or throughout government, RFID will drive profitability, increase revenue, reduce operating expenses and shrink inventory levels.

Using RFID wristbands which with waterproof RFID tag, visitors can enjoy their playing without worrying their ID or wallet been soaking. Waterproof RFID tag has implemented an RFID system allowing visitors to use RFID for prepay money for food or other items they might want to purchase late such as rent equipment and access lifts. Advertisement using RFID system is also quit good idea for future especially for Japan. In my opinion, country which has different language can create a RFID system for tourist such as wristband. First of all, RFID can be use in medical field as tags are placed on prescription pill bottles for the patient.

RFID do has the potential of using smart card to increase services to patrons when information can be embedded in the card including prepaid dollars or other useful information needed for checkout, bus fees, and so on. RFID also improves security. Being such a utility system, RFID has no limit on the data capacity and allow authorized users to write only making it robust and very secure. In year 2008, RFID has accepted a new challenge which is to have it implemented into Olympics Games. One of the many ways is that it helps solving the counterfeit tickets as well as helping to spread the use of new technology or better technology.

In conclusion, RFID should be implemented in our daily life as it does help to improve our life and not to say it’s cheap to produce and can be environment friendly too.

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