December 2, 2016

Water Park Use RFID Bracelet More Convenient Management

Use RFID Bracelet

How the RFID bracelet on the water park to achieve its function?

In water park, tourists are nearly swear a bathing suit underwater or playing in the water, so this leads to a problem: where should the purse be placed? How should I take my room card? Water park need a way to give their tourists more convenient service.
At present, the global existing water park, only serval company use RFID system to replace intelligent entrance guard system. But now, RFID technology is becoming to eliminated the traditional key / barcode type control technology, which turned into the best choose of intelligent entrance and non-control payment, this will solution the tourists’ worried behind, which tourists needn’t worry the safty of purse and room card, RFID bracelet can act as toursts’ purse and electronic room card.
RFID bracelet have the following functions: tourist rely on intelligent bracelet to enter hotel room, open goods storage tank, buying consumer goods, buying games and so on.
Intelligent bracelet’s payment have a sufficient security guarantees, all effective payment action need through wristband holder’s conform. Every tourist have their own UID, when they receive the intelligent RFID bracelet. Holder’s information is stored in the bracelet’s RFID tag, with this information, you can open the hotel room and to consumption. In the water park, the Kiosks, vending machine, game section install RFID readers, and the readers will send the tourists’ information to hotel database, in order to calculate the final accounts. Our RFID bracelet is widely used in natatorium, bath center, waterproof inspection, attendance management, etc, that is adapt to the wet high temperature environment like fieldwork, and disposable bracelet is used for hospital patient management normaly.

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