December 12, 2016

Big Wolf House Water Park In Southern California Installing Smart RFID Wristbands System

Smart RFID Wristbands

Southern California big Wolf House Water Park is the ninth water park to use Smart RFID wristbands. RFID system is used for electronic entrance guard and no cash payments, and entities to replace traditional cash access card in and out. RFID technology have built-in 13.56 MHz passive RFID tags within the wristband, reader in the park can be scanned to collect and transmit data. Each chip coding have a unique alphanumeric code, so it can not be copied.

Registration in, the custom of Big Wolf Water House would receive a non-transferable, waterproof smart wristband, this Smart rfid wristbands can be used for keyless to enter the room, food purchasing, game tokens, water park vouchers and other applications. Besides, this rfid wristband also can be used to identify tourists. For hotel room voucher application, the intelligent wristbands contactless interface provides more higher security than traditional magnetic stripe key Carmen lock. In addition, due to the tourists take their smart wristband, so they are also better than the traditional magnetic stripe CARDS, its not easy to forget or lost.

Our RFID silicone wristband are well suited for annual membership clubs, seasonal pass destinations, or even exclusive/VIP clubs. Furthermore, we are able to customize the wristbands with silk screen printing, debossing, and embossing. We can provide custom printed RFID silicone wristbands with an embedded RFID chip. Our RFID silicone wristband can operate with any RFID system, through any system integrator. The smart wristband can be customized for different color, material, including plastic, silicone, woven fabrics, etc.

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