October 31, 2016

Very nice designer solution to RFID identity theft

RFID identity theft

The story from Amazon, I write here want we are paying more attention in personal security, RFID products is a good way to protect you.

A friend of mine recently told me about the RFID credit cards and how thieves can easily get your information from just walking or standing in close proximity. As a victim of RFID identity theft, I wanted to protect myself and started my search for a quick effective solution.

After reviewing the choices online I came across this product. It arrived quick and ready to use. My wife loves the designer patterns we received.

Here are some review about RFID blocking sleeve that protect RFID identity theft

Great quality – Snug fit, so the card doesn’t fall out but not so snug that it’s a hassle to use. The cutout at the top is perfect for grabbing the card held within and the materials used definitely feel like they’ll hold up through extended use. You can tell there was a lot of effort put into the final product and it makes a huge difference.

Patterns – Nice mixture of designs for both men and women. My wife absolutely LOVED all of the designs & I had to bargain with her to even get one for myself. The patterns make the cards easily identifiable and convenient.

RFID blocking – I’ve had my credit card information stolen before and our main cards all have the contactless functionality so, for us, this is a no-brainer. Definitely feel better knowing the RFID signal is blocked now.

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