November 16, 2018

Use a RFID amusement park bracelets brings VIP experience for your customer

Who are using RFID amusement park bracelets?

RFID amusement park bracelets brings VIP experience for your

Disney wristbands

With the deep development of intelligent life. RFID bracelets have gradually entered people’s lives and become an indispensable part. Especially the use of smart amusement park bracelets for amusement park, resorts and attractions has increased significantly in the past 5 years.

Since the Disney Magic wristbands broke out in 2013. The theme park industry has quickly adopted RFID technology. Traditional tickets are replaced by state-of-the-art contactless passes such as wristbands or greeting cards.

Sunway Lagoon waterproof RFID wristbands

Sunway Lagoon, the Sunway amusement park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Has five major theme parks, including water park, beach, adventure park, western cowboy city and elephant park. Visitors can surf on the simulated beach, explore the safari park and follow the imitation The version of “African Falls” slides down. However, because these activities may cause the wallet to soaked or lost. So the attraction is equipped with a waterproof RFID wristbands for the convenience of payment for products and services.

Here, we would like to introduce you the 3 advantages of the amusement park bracelets.

  • Improve Customer Check-in
    Check-in is the most important part of every amusement, it is the first impressions of customers. If we can use RFID wristbands to replace normal ticket. Simplify complex access procedures, provide a VIP experience for your customers.
    RFID system and RFID wristbands can help speed-up access control. So it gives your customers control the time, also can reduce staff costs for amusement. RFID wristbands can easily re-programmed if they are lost.
  • Cashless Mode
    It’s inconvenient to always bring a wallet or some cash when you play at the theme parks, especially in water park.
    So waterproof RFID wristbands can realized cashless payments. It allowing customers to pay for drinks, food and merchandise with a “easy tap”. You’ll also get smart data about purchase. Thereby achieving optimized merchandise sales and offers.
  • Data Collection
    RFID can help you to collect intelligent data and deep analytics. Data collected from RFID system integration is used to simplify and improve the experience of future customers.

RFID system are advancing, more and more leisure industry using amusement park bracelets to solve they are problem. And the benefits RFID systems offer are staggering.

Waterproof RFID wristbands at amusement are not future, they’re the “right now”!

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