October 14, 2016

UHF Disposable RFID Tags

Disposable RFID Tags

The single biggest point of difference between the ULTRA timing systems and its competitors is the choice of transponder tags available. No longer are you forced to purchase over-priced tags from your competitors.

The ULTRA breaks the restrictive demands of all the other UHF systems on the market. It will allow you as the timer, race director, or business owner to be free to decide on what style of tag you wish to use and how much you want to spend.

With Disposable RFID Tags costing as little as 10 cents and multiplied by many thousands each event you time, it doesn’t take Einstein to work out it’s the tags that you spend the real money on not the initial unit cost.

By taking advantage of the competitive tag market massive sums of money can be saved.

More information on Disposable RFID tags
These transponders work between 865 – 950MHz and can be read on any EPC Generation 2 Class 1 reader. The RFID protocol has been adopted industry wide for both transponders and readers.

What makes this transponder special for race timing purposes is their very low cost yet high performance. Hence this is the technology of choice for large running and cycling events where the transponders are disposable and effectively given to the athlete for one time use.

You can make up your own tags with the required foam spacer, or purchase completely encoded, printed and foam backed tags from several vendors at prices still cheaper than our competitors.

Contact us today for our advice on preferred Disposable RFID Tags suppliers or ask us for a quote on what we can supply with our bulk buying power.

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