December 22, 2015

The Work Summary And Commendation Ceremony in November of Chuangxinjia

Noverber summary meeting

On December 9, 2015, our company was held in November work summary and commendation ceremony on the 12th floor conference room. According to usual practice, The beauty gril of Chuangxinjia bring a hot opening dance, then our host announced the commendation conference start.

First, the routine process is the militarization of company culture show once a month. Like military training, rigorous and serious, then sang the national anthem, all of people read the corporate culture together.

Second, Mr.wu(chairman of Chuangxinjia Group)summarized in the first half of the work and the second half of the group’s strategic objectives to make an important indicator; followed by department representatives had a deep exchange of ideas and sharing of work.

Third, Chuangxinjia has a good incentive system, we will give the fat bonuese for best saler and team monthly. The individual performance champion of November was won by Mr.Channing Lee from Dream Team, the team champion of November was won by Steel Roses Team
(the leader of Steel Roses Team is Ms.Amy Long).Congratulations to them. They are our leaning model.

If you never give up,then you’ll never be a loser,Competition is the driving force, hope all of us can stand on this glorious stage.
As company continue to grow, let us work together and strive to realize the dream ASAP.

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