August 17, 2016

The Reasons We Need To Buy NFC Stickers


A set of 10 ZipNFC Clear 25mm Round tags using the latestNXP® NTAG216 chip with clear PET plastic front and very sticky back. Mobile marketing with NFC offers seamless transactions in the physical world because it only involves tapping, touching, or waving an NFC compatible device in front of an NFC hot spot, such as a smart poster or NFC business card This effortless exchange of digital information, combined with the broad range of NFC applications, is why many are predicting NFC will be a part of everybody’s lives soon.

Our NFC products provide excellent printing protection with glossy thin overlay, laser engrave permanent numbering,Eevery NFC tag has very good RFID use special glue developed by 3M specialist for HUAYUAN NFC applications include tags and labels.There are many alternative and optional parts for customer enquiry of NFC have three types of NFC tags for different application.

Having your phone ring when you’re at work is one of modern life’s little annoyances – especially if you’re foolish enough to have a particularly embarrassing ringtone Remembering to put your phone in silent mode before you set foot in your office should be part of your regular daily routine, but many of us forget to do so. Thankfully, CXJ NFC tags can sort this out for you – as well as handle several other settings on your phone in one fell swoop.

If you plan to use tags to store and share your website address, business card info, Facebook page address, Twitter feed address, or anything where you want anyone and everyone to be able to tap and read the tag, then you’ll probably want to go with the NTAG203 or Topaz 512 NFC Tags since they are compatible with all NFC enabled phones and you would want anyone with any NFC enabled phone to be able to read them.

We have categorised our range of NFC stickers into covered, wet inlay and on-metal to make it easier for you to buy NFC sticker for your project. Covered have a PVC or pet surface material so they can be used as a visible indicator of where to tap a NFC enabled mobile phone. NFC stickers typically can not be used on or near metal surfaces as metal interferes with their performance our range of On-metal NFC stickers have a protective layer which means they work very well on or near metal.

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