December 22, 2016

The next tuyere is ” Internet of Everything” including MEMS and RFID tag

Internet of Everything" including MEMS and RFID tag

Foreword: iot perception layer mainly include MEMS sensor, information collecting ways of RFID tag, qr code, beidou receiver, etc. “Object in the world, sensing first” , MEMS sensor technology has become an important sign that can measure a contury whether have iot international competitive advantage or not.
1. MEMS market trends
With the rising demand for smart devices, MEMS sensor technology has become one of the most influential high and new technology in the 21st century. In recent years, affected by the application of explosive growth, the industry predicted that the require for sensor will expected from the current billions level soared to Trillion – Sensor (trillion-dollar Sensor level) in 2025. In the future, represented by China in the Asia-pacific region will become the most potential MEMS sensor application market.
2. The Internet brings new opportunities for MEMS
Based semiconductor giants have launched a special chip to meet the needs of the internet of things technology products, such as MEMS sensor and communication chips, which provide a rapid development for industry with huge driving force. Furthermore, international IT technology giant also layout in the Internet of things, Google buy smart thermostat and smoke alarm manufacturers NestLabs with $3.2 billion, and Samsung paid $200 million for smart home start-ups SmartThings.
With the improving of the hardware and software technology development and chip performance, the movement of miniaturization and low power consumption, low cost and environmental MEMS sensor is built widely in the internet of things terminal, and recognition, augmented reality, 3D display was applied to the authentication recognition, etc. Operating system improvded for the Internet of things ability, Android support for 11 kinds of sensor application programming interface and face recognition function, and Windows Phone 8 add the function of motion, NFC payments, gesture recognition. Mobile Internet and Internet of things products continuous innovation represented by smart watches, smart glasses.
At present, China’s Internet of things industry development and globels’ in the initial stage, having the certain technology, industry and application base preliminary, presenting a good development momentum. In 2015, according to ccid consulting data, China’s Internet of things industry presents a fast growth, industry scale has much to ¥900 billion. Under the national policy vigorously support, in the new application of promotion, the domestic Internet industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next three years, the compound annual growth rate will pass 30%. Domestic Internet of things industry in MEMS and IC chips, communication protocol, network management, and other fields has made a series of innovations now, including sensors and components manufacturers, equipment maker, system integrator, and more kinds of industry.
This year, huaqiang flagship (WWW.HQBUY.COM) cooperation with rend and maim Consulting (MEMS) that is China semiconductor industry association MEMS branch deputy secretary general of the unit, with the model of “brand original + terminal buyers + trading platform”, to create the MEMS line zone. Connect MEMS original dock with the terminal buyers through efficient online trading platform, and ensure product quality, at the same time shorten the supply chain, having more advantage in terms of price, delivery . At present, more than 20 MEMS famous core, sensitive core science and technology, multi-dimensional, mann plath, YuYang factory have come to huaqiang flagship firstly.
In terms of resources, on the one hand huaqiang flagship depends on the industry ecosystem huaqiang group and millions of registered members, so these can precise positioning high-quality buyers resources; on the other hand Michael James consulting branch has a lot of the most influential media resources of MEMS and seminar on MEMS, such as the MEMS market weekly, MEMS professional portal website “fan” and so on. This will open the upstream and downstream of MEMS and sensor industry supply chain, and will be the innovation of the traditional market.
3. The current situation of MEMS enterprises
In recent years, China’s MEMS sensor industry ecosystem turn to be perfect gradually, which has formed a complete system from technical research and development, design, production and application, furthermore, a part of the niche has firmly established itself as one of the world leading level.
According to the study data of Yole, Chinese have two enterprises into the global MEMS enterprise top 30 in 2015, and the global top 10 is given priority with European and American manufacturers, the first is German Bosch and sales had reached $1.2 billion. In 2015, China MEMS devices market scale is ¥30.8 billion, occupying 1/3 of the global market. In the past five years, China’s semiconductor growth has remained at around 15%, which is more higher than that of global growth.
In 2015, there were only two Chinese manufacturers in the top 30 of global MEMS revenue, AAC technologies and Goertek was ranked 20th and 26th that all produce microphone, and revenue reached $140 million and $84 million respectively. But the AAC technologies and Goertek are the main suppliers of the MEMS microphones, having an important status in the whole MEMS microphones marketworld, even has entered the apple supply chain. Therefore, in some segments market, domestic manufacturers have a big development space.
4. The rise of MEMS online trading platform
Under the background of the Internet development rapidly and the Chinese MEMS industry chain more and more perfect, the trading model must need a higher efficiency. Faced with traditional shop front sales turning weaker and do not have a clear furture, or will be eliminated gradually. Many large online distribution industry, small and medium-sized traders start to transformation, seeking transformation of integrated innovation, fighting for a market share actively.

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