March 31, 2017

Changes RFID Has Brought to Catering Industry Will be Presented in RFID World Conference

As is well-known, some latest news about RFID technology will all be updated in RFID world wide web, recently, there is a big news about the application of RFID technology in catering industry, this application has brought great changes to catering industry, and has greatly improve our dining experience. This technology will be presented in RFID world conference.

I believe that the vast majority of people have experienced queuing for dinner, some even have to queue half an hour for a meal, which has a strong impact on dining. This is an epitome of traditional dining. Slow speed, error-prone step, high cost and bad experience is the most apt summary to traditional dining mode.

For the traditional dining mode, it all relies on manual work to serve foods and collect money, not only easy to get wrong, but slow speed for artificial statistics, moreover, it has big workload, high requirement for the waiters, it needs multi-server in window modes, self selection and set meal modes require multi-cashier, either way, it needs high human cost; a vast crowd gather for dining, after a long time of waiting, the customers are easy to complain, cause a bad dining experience, which will have influence on daily business.

Therefore, Hangzhou ZhengJiu technology co., LTD(hereinafter referred to as ZhengJiu technology)  launched XinPan self-help management platform, create a new mode of check and balance for dining, and it provides convenience for the managers to achieve fine management. Adopting XinPan? That is a intelligent balance mode, allowing the customers to select dishes and drinks themselves in self-help section, use internet of things RFID technology, the checkout can automatically read the data of dishes, two seconds for one customers, which avoids long time queuing. you can choose We-chat, alipay, membership card and so on to pay, cash payment is also available, which greatly improve the speed.

RFID world conference

RFID world conference

RFID wRFID world conferenceorld conference

RFID world conference


Meanwhile, making use of RFID chip (by clicking here you will know more about RFID chip) where detailed information has been written into to lay foundation of big data analytic, this can understand the taste of customers. The general manager Mr. Lin of ZhengJiu technology said that self-help management platform of XinPan dining room is based on technology of internet of things, an intelligent management system tailored for  dining-room business, the operator may achieve the centralized management, recognition, and control function, which have distinct advantages in saving the number of workers, lowering the operating cost, improving management efficiency, enhancing enterprise competitiveness, applicable to catering chain industry, food court, organs of canteens, restaurants of enterprise and campus, high speed service area and some other optional dining rooms.

It is reported that ZhengJiu technology was founded in 2012, a high technology enterprise specialized in R&D and promotion of hardware and software products, internet products. The company brings together a group of top talent skilled in technique, marketing and management field, adhering to the operation philosophy of integrity and long term, provide first-rate total solution and IT technical services for industry informatization.

Mr. Lin indicated that our goal is to make a real sense of intelligent dining room, using internet of things to identify and management the whole process of consumption, consequently, achieve the entire intelligentialize from the back kitchen to dining room.

RFID world conference will be held in SuZhou, and Mr. Lin will make a speech focusing on a theme of RFID technology applying in catering industry, introduce in detail what changes RFID has brought to catering industry,. It is known that the speech topic of RFID world conference will involve the current hot retail, clothing, industry, logistics, electronic license plate and so on, the audience covers the product supplier, system integrator and end user, it is the top high-end meeting in RFID industry, welcome to attend it.

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