September 1, 2016

The Future Of RFID Technology And Application

rfid technology and application

As the technology is refined and advanced over the coming years, rfid technology and application will be likely to be seen impacting consumer behavior at a higher level. I recently read an article title “RFID at the height of fashion with clothing, Shoe Companies”, whereby customers find that the technology makes them feel special. However, some consumers including the privacy advocates have railed against the use of RFID in tagging clothes.

I would like to post some more comments and a couple of recommendations regarding the use of CXJ RFID tags in clothes, additional to my previous post on RFID in Fashion. As Radio Frequency Identification is reported to be well assisting the seller is managing its products; such as improving time in stock takes and so on, the RFID technology and application has also benefit the buyer.

This issue has been addressed by Mark Roberti; the editor and founder of RFID Journal gave his insight on how the consumer privacy issue can be attended. I personally think that, his insight on advising the attendees to not use RFID in tracking customers’ movement is ridiculous. His statement and I quote, “No one has ever been able to show what kind of business benefit a company can gain from doing that (using RFID to track customers’ movement)”.

The tag or transponder interchangeable terms depending on whether or not it transmits a signal, antenna to allow for the transmission of data, transceiver to generate the radio frequency (RF) signal and the reader which detects and conveys they data to the storage component. Although the RFID technology is certainly not new, there is no doubt that the technology driven world we live in now demands it. RFID systems will help with more efficient processes with business accounting and supply management. Security concerns are will continue to be an issue for many people considering the amount of data potentially available on the RFID sensors.

RFID technology and application has proven staying power over the last five decades and one can expect an even greater role in subsequent decades. The Association of Automatic Identification and Mobility is one of the most established resources for RFID technology. They present vast amounts of accurate and unbiased information with the intention of promoting the RFID technology. The unbiased collegiate report provides practical security insight and suggestions for countering the security threat present when using RFID systems. This study is based on a number of assumption such as the RFID system being passive and low frequency.

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