August 17, 2016

The Function Of NFC Sticker Tag


NFC is short for Near Field Communication , which is a form of RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology that allows digital information to be transferred at short distances through electromagnetic radio fields. There is always some power lost during transmission through the air, but over short distances the current generated is enough to power the circuitry in the CXJ NFC tag. Once the tag is powered up, it can sync up and send data over the 13.56MHz NFC transmission frequency at either 106, 212 or 424 Kbps, just like your regular NFC communication between phones or other larger devices. NFC tags communicate using the ISO 14443 type A and B wireless standards, which is the international standard for contact-less smartcards, used on many public transportation systems.

Although that may sound quite small, especially compared to your typical SD card, that’s enough data for some very simple pieces of information, such as a website URL, and is all you need for most basic NFC tags. NFC payment terminals are increasingly common, as consumers begin to make use of Android, Apple and Samsung Pay. Similarly, type 4 is again read-only, but has a larger memory capacity of up to 32 kbytes and communication speeds of between 106 kbit/s and the maximum NFC 424 kbit/s.

I have heard that the will implement the nfc to simcard so if you dont have nfc phone you can still use it like built in. Reddit user Captainmathmo solved this problem with an NFC sticher tag he can tap to remotely turn on his computer as soon as he gets home. You can find the detailed instructions over on the reddit thread here Once that’s done, set an NFC sticker tag somewhere inside your home that you can tap as you enter. If you want to make it a little easier to work remotely, you can create an NFC tag that will automatically launch tethering, and then stick it to the edge of your laptop. An NFC tag can be stuck to the dock so that it automatically launches tasks or apps you need.

Rather than hand your guests a slip of paper with a bunch of case-sensitive characters scribbled on it, write the password to an NFC tag. Alternatively, you can embed a single tag with your Wi-Fi password and your guests can read it with most NFC read/write apps. If your friends don’t have one of those (like the aforementioned NFC Task Launcher), that should at least be an easier sell.

You can use NFC Task Launcher to automatically trigger navigation to a pre-specified address, or to launch your music app and set the media volume to a preset level. If you don’t want to stick an NFC tag to your car dock (for example, if you happen to share the car with another person), this is also a great time to use an NFC keychain. In that case, you can pass off NFC sticker tag pre-programmed with your contact info and let them input it at their own pace. Most of the people think, use of NFC tag is limited to small automation tasks like changing profile setting.

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