August 29, 2016

The Application Of Custom Passive RFID Labels In Our Life


Special advantage for customers: If customers still want to use existing labels, these labels can be provided with transponders so that there is no need to create new labels for the RFID technology. Label arts can work with any inlay or frequency requirements to produce printable blank RFID labels that meet nearly any requirement. Just like all of our other labels, chemical resistant and blank, we can pre-print your RFID label with your customized print, 2D or linear barcodes, sequential numbering, imager labels, or plain text.

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll customize your passive RFID labels to meet your lab specifications. RFID technology is also used to considerably save time during stock taking and even misplaced products can be localized and returned to their intended location. The RFID transponders can be dispensed under all common labels and material qualities – the relevant frequencies and technical requirements to be complied with are met by using a suitable transponder: in general, all marketable products can be processed. To have a successful RFID system, a label is needed that will withstand the application demands.

We’ve built a specialty in CXJ RFID label inlays and have delivered many thousands of custom RFID passive labels for some of the biggest brands nationwide. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process of getting the right RFID inlay for your label and getting the perfect label for your product. Similar to the way bar codes collect and send data with a visual scan, RFID technology uses radio waves to collect and send information, but it doesn’t require a line of sight between a label and a scanning device.

What makes RFID tags special is their ability to transmit information to a networked system. For years, producers have used RFID passive labels to track products through every step of the shipping, delivery and purchasing process. Today, RFID labels are becoming a standard part of the retail chain and are also being used in security applications, baggage tracking, pharmaceuticals, retail medical devices and healthcare products. Big box retailers, use passive RFID labels to track their products and sales, and many retailers now require suppliers to outfit products with RFID.

As more and more consumers make purchases with mobile apps, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay, RFID label technology will become even more standard in the label printing process. We help you through the complexities of RFID orders, help you improve your inventory and deliver passive RFID labels (or any other pressure-sensitive labels ) that fit your products. See and feel the quality of our labels for yourself with custom-printed sample labels.

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