October 20, 2016

Tag antennas

Tag antennas

Chuangxinjia RFID Tag antennas provide the vital link between reader and tag, serving as the conduit that moves data back and forth.

Tag antennas

Tag antennas collect energy and channel it to the chip to turn it on. Generally, the larger the tag antenna’s area, the more energy it will be able to collect and channel toward the tag chip, and the further read range the tag will have.

There is no perfect tag antennas for all applications. It is the application that defines the antenna specifications. Some tags might be optimized for a particular frequency band , while others might be tuned for good performance when attached to materials that may not normally work well for wireless communication (certain liquids and metals, for example). Antennas can be made from a variety of materials; they can be printed, etched, or stamped with conductive ink, or even vapor deposited onto labels.

Tags that have only a single antenna are not as reliable as tags with multiple antennas. With a single antenna, a tag’s orientation can result in dead zones, or areas on the tag where incoming signals cannot be easily harvested to provide sufficient energy to power on the chip and communicate with the reader. A tag with dual antennas is able to eliminate these dead zones and increase its readability but requires a specialized chip.

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