July 26, 2017

Smart City Trend is based on RFID Technology

With the rapid development of Internet technology and RFID Technology, the construction condition of Smart City has been ripe. The Internet has greatly changed the life-style of humanity. The application of different new technologies makes the progress of Smart City out of a different way.

The Construction Characteristic Analysis of Abroad Smart City

1.Korea: Ubiquitous Network

Korea-smart city

Korea is based on a network to build green, digitalization, seamless mobile connection ecology, and intelligent city.
In 2003, the Korean government launched “U-Korea” development strategy, hope to be able to construct Korea as intelligent society. The national development strategy is based on wireless sensor, through the “U-City” construct to make all sources in Korea digitalization, networking, visualization, intelligentsia, and to promote economic progress and social reform of Korea.

2.America: Intelligent Response

America Intelligent Response

On Jan 28, 2009, Mr.Samuel Palmisano formally propose the “smart planet” concept to the Obama administration. In September, the Dubuque city, Lowa, United States and IBM announced together that will build the first smart city in the United States.
Construct a smart city as the purpose of Dubuque, using the technology of Internet of things, make all civic sources (including water, electricity, oil, gas, transportation, public service etc,.) digitalization and connected, monitoring, analysis and integration of all kinds of data, then intelligent response the requirement for citizens’ and reduce the consumption and cost of civic, make Dubuque city become more suitable for residential and commercial development.

3.Sweden: Intelligent Traffic

Sweden Intelligent Traffic

The Wisdom city of Sweden mainly inflects in the construct intelligent traffic system. To solve the issue of traffic jam of Sweden capital, Stockholm announced levy “Road Congestion Tax”, set up multiple roadside control station on the road, through the high and new technology such as RFID and Laser that can automatically identify the vehicles which is in and out of the centre of the city, and collecting tax from registration vehicles. At the same time, it introduces the flow computing platform of IBM, analysis and collect location information of the vehicles, achieve to avoid congestion routes service to urban peer vehicles, improved the problem of traffic jam.

4.The Development situation of China Smart City

In 2009, it is the first time to introduce the concept of intelligent city and Internet of things of China. With the further development of “intelligent city”, the Chinese government has increased support and investment for information construction. The country set off the construction and development boom of “Intelligent City”.

A.Smart City 1.0 Stage(Primary Stage)

With the information construction of government as the leading factor, is characterized by dispersive application construction of the industry, in order to improve office efficiency as the main purpose, but the information island, the citizens without perception and other issue still exist.

B. Smart City 2.0 Stage(Development Stage)

The construction is characterized by information system integration of the industry and the department, in order to the department as the unit, construct multiple information office system in their respective fields. Smart city 2.0 stage focus on promoting the construction of e-government system, and relying on the actual situation and local characteristics of very place to explore the construction of smart city pilot, has obtained the certain result, but the problem is the PC era can’t realize the connectivity, so it became the industry island and the citizens are lack of sense of feeling.

C. Smart City 3.0 Stage(Relatively Mature Stage)

From the top design of civic as the breakthrough point, with service to citizens as the leading factor, in order to people as the core, increase the sense of feeling of citizens. Smart City 3.0 stages implement the integration of business, data and technology, to achieve the synergy of cross-hierarchy, cross-regional, cross-department, and cross-business. The essence of smart city 3.0 is connectivity, the core is move, the purpose is increase the sense of feeling for citizens, the citizens can enjoy all of the city service through the APP, to make the convenience life for the people, and more efficient for the government, also more intelligent for the city.

New intelligent urban construction is the inexorable trend of urban development, the core idea are also from tradition government information change to improve the sense of feeling of citizens, only seize the common problems of the city management, with serve to citizens as the leading factor, only focus on the build a new model, new thinking, and new platform of intelligent urban that can really achieve to serve the people.

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