April 18, 2019

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID tag company 2018 annual ceremony and awards conference


Super Young, Fighting!

Chuangxinjia RFID tag company 2018 ceremony and awards conference have come to a successful conclusion.

On March 17, the “Super young, Fighting” themed Chuangxinjia 2018 annual ceremony and awards conference was held in the harbor banquet hall. All staff of chuangxinjia gathered together with nearly 300 guests and suppliers representatives from all over the world.

A cool and rhythmic dance opened the prelude of the annual meeting. The dance is showing full vitality, attracting many screams from the audience.

Review in 2018, Looking ahead to 2019.

Wu jun (Tony), chairman of Chuangxinjia has delivered a speech at the annual meeting. He said that 2018 is a year for the company to forge ahead with great strides. The general trend has arrived, and the future has come. As long as we keep close to the pulse of The Times, constantly improve themselves, continue to innovate, summarize and reflect. With the wisdom of the post-70’s, the post-90’s young mentality and the executive to do the career. I believe that Chuangxinjia company will be more bright, brilliant in the future!


Annual awards ceremony

In 2018, Chuangxinjia has experienced a lot. With ups and downs; smiles and tears; and achieved many excellent results. However, all of these cannot be separated from all the colleagues who have worked so hard for the company.

The company has to commend individuals and teams for their outstanding contributions at the annual ceremony. Rewarded employees have won recognition from the leadership of the company with their hard work and excellent performance. They are the solid backing of Chuangxinjia, also is the pride of Chuangxinjia. At the same time, the company also hopes that the winning teams and individuals will continue to work together in 2019, to create more possibilities for the company and themselves.




Visual feast

There is such a group of people, obviously can rely on appearance level but just want to use talent to conquer all people. They are the performers of the company staff.

They bring us: Hot dance, Songs, T-show, skit…… Burst laughter one after another, pushed the scene atmosphere to another climax.

CXJ sings-and-dance


Public Benefit

In the performance of <light up life>, you can see a group of friends who love life and pursue art. They use their incomplete bodies to perform perfection and use the soul of art to influence life. After the performance, chairman Tony Wu stood up and immediately donated 30,000 RMB in cash to this art troupe that loves life and brings positive energy to everyone.



Lottery part

Today, in addition to exquisite gift, there is endless scene of partners impromptu cash lucky draw, many 10,000 RMB red envelopes in cash. We can see a lot of lucky people running to the podium.


The party ended with toasts, laughter and waves of screaming. The time together was short, but wonderful and precious.

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