July 6, 2018

Learn about the RFID tire tag, it will helps you track your tires

RFID tire tag

Tyres as a safe product as well as state reserves strategic materials, also have problem about recognition and management. Normal tyres manage measure will easily course tyres’ information loss and it is difficult for users to use, maintain and settle claims. However, RFID tyres tag can easily solve the question above.

But what exactly rfid tyres is? What benefits can we get? How to use rfid chips in tires?

I will answer these questions for you in this article.cxj rfid tyres

Whats tire RFID?

The RFID tire tag is also a kind of RFID electronic tag, which is used to record data and is used in conjunction with RFID readers. Usually, it is passive.

Why do you put an electronic tag on a tire?

  1. Rigid requirements: before in other countries, such as the United States, European countries, including the nearby places such as Japan, South Korea, are introduced about the rfid electronic tag, according to the laws of the tire section regulation, requires tires have toput on electronic label. In the process of production of the tyres , some attribute information could show that whether these tyres conform to the national standards, mainly from: tyre fuel efficiency,rolling friction, noise in the process of rolling friction, and the tyres grip properties when the road is not dry.
  2. The benefits to set RFID chips in tires:
  • Because every tire has an identification number when it leaves the factory, which is the same as the identity card. In this way, when the tire breaks down, recycling control can also be carried out.
  • Batch acceptance function: using an rfid reader, can quickly scan dozens of tires.
  • Easy to manage and not easy to be changed illegally because of the encryption operation in the tire.
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Why put the tires RFID tag on the tire?

You can put it inside the tire, and it’s probably not as good as reading it, but also you can, of course, polish the surface of the tire, and then stick the RFID tire tag firmly.

cxj tire rfid

How to use tires RFID tags?

The above mentioned two methods of placement, we use the second method to illustrate, the specific steps are as follows:

  1. Cleaning: It must be located in the outer wall of the tire which is close to the tire bead, but not more than 6 cm. After finding the location, use cleaner for cleaning, if there is sundry, will affect the effect of viscosity.
  2. Tracing: affix therfid tire tag to the position just selected, then use a white pen on the surrounding frame of the label, mainly to determine the polishing area.
  3. Burnish: use an automatic rotary sander to burnish the selected position, making the surface of the tire in the area more rough, and then do some simple cleaning.
  4. Paste: use special tire glue to hold the tire label close to the grinding area and cover the upper part of the label with a fixed metal cover
  5. Read and write using an rfid reader.



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