November 2, 2016

RFID Sleeve Shield = Card protector

RFID Sleeve

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology is already being sold in consumer products and is constantly expanding. Numbers soaring over 200 million credit and debit cards, millions of hotel room keys, including All US Passports issued since October 2006, work IDs and even transit cards use RFID chips. This is for convenience, all you simply need to do is swipe your card, the chip does the rest! What could go wrong? Unfortunately many things. It is quite easy for someone to pick up your RFID information against your will. Criminals with can construct their own RFID readers with a cheap minimal supplies. These devices can steal your private financial information quickly and silently. With the more these chips becoming more and more popular, the more your personal information is at risk than ever before. by using RFID shields or wallets can make it more difficult for someone with an electronic reader to read your information.

RFID Sleeve Shield is also called Card protector, RFID blocking sleeve, payment card secure sleeve holder, card sleeve, EMV payment card blocking sleeve, RFID payment card theft protection is an easy and effective artifact

RFID Sleeve Shield protecting your payment card from high risk .

1, No need to change your lovely wallet , it is not his fault;

2, A slim size with 0.6mm thickness but powerful capability to protect your payment card and passport away from ID information stolen;

3, On secure card and protect all RFID payment card in purse and wallet ;

4, Especial upgrade design had superior performance than Aluminum Sleeve Card

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