December 30, 2015

RFID PVC wristband used in restaurant

on weekends, my friends and i was had a data in the buffet, the waiter brought us a stack of plastic cards, and gave us a RFID PVC wristband , all food in the open area, the RFID PVC wristband is your identity. You can eat anything in the open area.
What i want to say is now the plastic cards and RFID PVC wristband are used more widely, to some extent, solve a lot of problems, it may be because I was engaged in the RFID industry, so whether to eat or go to shopping, I can often from many places on many occasions what the benefits associated with our products, such as the RFID PVC wristband. A large music festivals, from RFID PVC wristband we sorted tourists buying tickets, and so on.
music festival with rfid wristband

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