March 23, 2016

RFID event wristbands

Recently, the leading professional manufacturer Chuangxinjia has released a kind of RFID Event Wristbands, which takes the amusement park guest experience to the next level. Chuangxinjia fulfills its promise to research and develop helpful and brilliant products with high quality for people by virtue of its cutting-edge technology.

Being connected with a variety of festivals, combined with the waterproof function, RFID Event Wristbands can work normally even being wet by water. Thus, users can enjoy themselves without any trouble during the process of event. More importantly, RFID Event Wristbands manage to solve the long-awaited problem that people have to line up for admission. By making good use of RFID Event Wristbands, users can have a unique memorable event that is not crowded by long waits. What is the most significant is that RFID Event Wristbands can store a large amount of personal information for identification safely since they are only read by a kind of specific reader.

The following are some special features about RFID event wristbands.

1, Big event/ Festival Management
2, NFC chip
3, 15 led colors
4, 5 flashing patterns
5, 3 control ways
6, Custom OGO printing.

In a word, the security aspect and convenient fit of RFID Event Wristbands make them suitable for a variety of events. Chuangxinjia is a famous company among the world with its specialization and internationalization in RFID market.

Please find more info about RFID Event Wristbands at Chuangxinjia website:

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