August 12, 2016

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Advanced bracelets where you can pay with without having to take out your own wallet. To date this is the best case study for the use of NFC for event production and marketing. Taiwan Mobile apparently plans to hand out 4,000 of the bracelets in Taipei and New Taipei City in partnership with the Foundation for the Welfare of the Elderly, and the Bjorgaas Social Welfare Foundation. The Elite NFC wristbands contains an NTAG213 which supports lock bytes and 32 bit password protection options. We looked into a few different technologies,” co-founder and CEO Angelo Pitassi Jr told NFC World.

We decided on using NFC back in September last year, a premature time for NFC, but this technology made the most sense to us for numerous reasons. It doesn’t require any special app to be downloaded, like you would need for QR codes for example; you just need an NFC device to tap against the band or card and the critical information is available in seconds. According to Tagstand co-founder Kulveer Taggar, the client ( ClearHart Digital ) was already sold on the benefits of NFC and reached out to Tagstand for this event.

But to back up and explain how all this works: guests at the party are getting this Digital Goodie Bag which includes an RFID bracelet which they’ll tap on the NFC reader stationed at the top of each bar to like their drinks. Even cooler, guests can link up their RFID bracelet with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, enabling them to automatically upload the pictures they take at the party’s web-connected photo booths, they can tap to check in on Facebook Places, and they can tweet by tapping on the Library walls – all magically enabled via NFC.

Peter Jones on the Den gave the WRONG information to the rest of the dragons at the beginning of the presentation by saying NFC tags required an Internet connection. The top end of the current (next) generation of NFC tags can hold around 800 characters worth of information, say, 40 lines of text. You can buy NFC tags on Ebay for the equivalent of 30p each albeit limited to 140 bytes (140 characters of information) and download a free App for your (NFC compatible) smart phone from the App/Iphone store to erase, program and read them. Hotels give out bracelets embedded with NFC technology to tourists that can load international debit or credit cards, similar to Bluetooth.

Everything is run entirely on mobile devices. An app, initially only available for Android devices , offers ImaginPay NFC payments and the service also supports contactless wristbands and smartwatches. The premise of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) is very simple – a tag comes into contact with a reader and an action is performed as a result of this. The difference between RFID and NFC – one system uses your phone and the other uses a swipe card similar to an Oyster Card.

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