October 31, 2016

RFID Blocking Sleeves Is The Way To Promote Your Business

RFID Blocking Sleeves

Usefulness is one of the most interesting, yet frustrating paradoxes of promotional items. On the one hand, the more the average person needs the function that a promotional item provides, the more people you’ll find who are interested in using it. On the other hand, the more people need that function, the more likely they are to already have the item you intend to give them! How can you get around this paradox in your own marketing? It’s simple: provide a function that’s useful, but most people don’t have on the items they already have at home. There are tons of promotional products that provide nifty extra features or enhancements that most people don’t currently get on the standard items they buy in stores, but promotional RFID blocking sleeves are one of the most intriguing versions to come along in recent years.

The basic function of RFID blocking sleeves is something that every credit card user needs, but that not many people are necessarily already using. Most credit cards, debit cards, and many forms of identification like passports and driver’s licenses currently include an RFID chip with all sorts of personal information embedded right inside the card. If that card is not inside a sleeve or container that blocks the radio frequency of the RFID chip, anyone with the right equipment can read all of that personal information without the owner of the card being the least bit aware that anything has even transpired.

Most standard wallets don’t protect cards from RFID scanning by people nearby, but simple RFID blocking sleeves do, and once you give recipients a heads up on how your promotional RFID blocking sleeve can protect them from identity theft, most of them will be ready and willing to use it with their own credit and debit cards.

Custom printed RFID blocking sleeves are very easy to produce, making even full color printed versions a very cost effective choice for a promotion. If you’d like to put your logo or advertisement on RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeves or RFID Protecting wallets, CXJ RFID factory has a wide range of options available for your company.

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