July 21, 2017

RFID automatic identification technology use in the finished goods warehouse

This is a test case for our customers in a large warehouse application of RFID automatic identification technology. In order to solve the special needs of different customers with customized solutions, has been measured in constant adjustment.

RFID radio frequency identification technology is a case in representative of automatic identification technology. The identification accuracy high, performance reliable, large amount of storage information, oil contamination water wash resistant, especially for automated identification needs under the industrial environments. RFID tags can be used to effectively complete storage automated management to achieve the automated collection of goods information, automatic processing and information reporting.

RFID automatic identification technology use in the finished goods warehouse

The on-site verification project is based on a famous company’s finished product warehouse out-put and in-put of storage data collection,to ensure the success rate is 100% of out-put and in-put of storage,mainly applied to the Ultra-high frequency RFID radio frequency identification technology main equipment including UHF reader,antenna,UHF tag,and storage doors front and back each two pair of infrared sensors.

When the products out of storage or put in storage, the tray trigger, the near-end infrared sensors, triggers the reader after the UHF reader signal, read the label data on the finished product, and synchronously uploads it to the WMS warehouse management system.When the tray triggers the infrared remote sensor, by comparing the departure time of this two teams infrared sensors, confirm the finished product is out of storage or put in storage.

For this company’s switches,we try many times of the in storage and out of storage test for the routers and other finished products,a reading goal number is 30 RFID tags,and the reading success rate is 100%,the reading time between 0~3s,Meet the on-side hardware requirement.

Through the RFID automatic identification technology to achieve the automated processing of the most working link,set up RFID channel reader in the finished product storage sites,can achieve one or more finished product storage information, at the same time, automatically read,relative to Bar code scanning storage method, can greatly improve the speed of information collection and reduce the error rate of artificial scanning bar code, the maximum extent to meet the fast and accurate requirements of out of storage link.

Chuangxinjia company from the simple production of RFID tag products to the implementation of the entire system solutions, has covered transportation, tourism, culture, health care, animal husbandry and fisheries, financial services, business management and other industries; continue to open up our new vision , To improve our technical level, only to provide a more complete solution for our customers.

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