July 21, 2017

RFID Chip Anti-counterfeit System help you to Refuse Fake

In modern society, the science and technology is more and more developed, many high-end product will be constantly imitated, and even can be achieved to the level of real, which sold at high prices, to deceive consumers, the emergence of fake not only disturb the market order, also bring the fear to the consumer.
In the second half of 2016, VIVACY company finally cannot stand the fake, so they start using the anti-counterfeit label, there is anti-counterfeit label appeared on the item sold to Asia. This time, following the anti-counterfeit label, VIVACY company began to enlarge the moving: they start using RFID anti-counterfeit and traceable label, the consumers can be very quick to check the product is fake or real, effectively prevent the product was fake. No matter where you are in the country, as long as you get the silk Hyaluronic acid, just download the “MY VIVACY” app on the phone, and scan the doctor label, the system will automatically identify whether it is genuine.
Compared with the conventional anti-counterfeit system, What are the benefits of RFID anti-counterfeit label?
The traditional anti-counterfeit labels are easily broken, it is easy to be copied, and the emergence of RFID anti-counterfeit labels, so that anti-counterfeit cannot be broken:

RFID chip anti-counterfeit system

RFID chip anti-counterfeit system

1. Uniqueness

Each anti-counterfeit label have unique identification information, corresponding to the product batch number, validity and product signals and other information, after label and product information binding, in the follow-up circulation and using process, a corresponding RFID anti-counterfeit label only represent the corresponding one product, more traceability.

2. High security, not easy to be broken

RFID anti-counterfeit label has a reliable security encryption mechanism, and because of this, the second-generation ID card and some bank cards are using this technology.

3. Easy to Verify

As long as you had a silk Hyaluronic acid product, after download “ MY VIVACY “ app, when you want to verify you can do at anytime, simple, convenient, fast, save and effective.

4. Long cycle of Save

General RFID tags can be kept for decades, and they are almost not easy to damage, and the Retention Period is long enough.

5. High costs, difficult to copy

RFID anti-counterfeit is a high-end anti-counterfeiting technology, the label cost and a full set of anti-counterfeiting system cost is higher, replication is difficult, can really play a role in effective security.

RFID anti-counterfeit label

RFID anti-counterfeit label

RFID anti-counterfeit label just one step verification to identify genuine

Does your product need protection now? Do you also think about how to help your consumer to cancel the confusion of items? Do you want to try making your market to become orderly? Very simple, we only need to use RFID anti-counterfeit labels, so you can solve all the problems. Now, it’s the best time to contact CXJ RFID Factory lets your business become smart up.

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