Anti-tracking RFID Blocking Pouch Case Bag for Cell Phone Privacy Protection


RFID Blocking Pouch bag protect your cell phone privacy

  • Model: CXJ-RBB001
  • Material: Oxford Fabric, PU leather, Genuine leather, Nylon.
  • Size: 10*7cm, 12.5*8cm, 19*12cm, 21*12cm, 14*9cm, 17.5*14cm, 15*10cm, 17.5*12.5cm, 13*8.5cm.
  • Printing: Logo silk printing, pressed logo, pressed logo and fill with color.
  • Functional efficiency: 99.99%.
  • Attenuation intensity: 90dB.
  • MOQ: 100PCS.
  • Packaging: 1 pcs/seal bag, 500 pcs/carton, Customized package is OK.

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Anti-tracking RFID blocking pouch bag

RFID blocking pouch protector our bank card everytime

In this case the RFID blocking pouch bag can block the signal from your cell phone to keep your cell phone information safe. So protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your phone’s signals. All in all the hackers always work hard to steal these things. So protect yourself! Don’t get hacked!

We use the outer black, Oxford cloth layer, because it is simple and fashionable. With inner, silver, blocking layer, it is a modern and fashionable design on the whole. So that’s convenient and easy to attach with a small metal ring.

RFID blocking pouch Features

  • Protects chip technology “smart-cards” from hackers’ RFID readers in the range of 10 kHz-30 GHz
  • Convenient and portable – inner silver layer blocks signals, outer Oxford cloth black layer can be used as a normal case – a modern and fashionable design
  • Block Car-key FOB Signal – Keep your car’s security system from getting hacked
  • Large enough to hold a car-key fob, a few metal keys, and credit cards, debit cards at the same time
  • ID magnetic cards, such as ID cards and bank cards, can be put into the inner bag to prevent degauss and information leakage.

anti tracking RFID blocking pouch bag


Product name  Anti-tracking RFID blocking pouch case bag for cell phone privacy  protection
Material  Oxford Fabric, PU leather,Genuine leather, nylon
Commonly Used Size  10*7cm, 12.5*8cm, 19*10cm, 19*12cm, 21*12cm, 14*9cm,17.5*14cm,  15*10cm, 17.5*12.5cm, 13*8.5cm
Color  Blue, orange, gray, white,purple, pink, black, brown, green, etc.
Printing  Logo silk printing, pressed logo, pressed logo and fill with color
Functional efficiency  99.99%
Attenuation intensity  90dB
MOQ  100pcs
Application  prevent RFID enabled credit cards, payment cards, ID cards, driver’s  licence and all RFID ‘smart cards’ from being illegally scanned
Packaging  1 pcs/seal bag, 500 pcs/carton, Customized package is OK
Sample  Free samples in stock are available upon request
Payment terms  T/T, Paypal, Western Union,Alibaba

Normally Who will need RFID blocking pouch/bag

  1. Gentle man who Want to polite refuse a call.
  2. The people who no way to power off but want to spend their free time.
  3. Professional, important, or Tech secret people or management.
  4. Be threatened by a hacker.
  5. Boss, Engineer, Sales, Civil servants, middle class urban white-collar workers.
  6. Pregnant woman, children, patient ,etc, to blocking the electromagnetic signals influence.

These places suitable to use RFID blocking pouch

  1. Personal rest, Leisure place, vacation village, scenic area, etc.
  2. Discotheque, Bar, bath center, fancy restaurant, cinema, etc entertainment area.
  3. Business negotiation, Tendering and bidding meeting.
  4. Policy, Commercial, Technology, secret center.
  5. Information and communication center, important warehouse, war room, information room, etc.

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