December 13, 2016

Prison RFID wristband locator system function

RFID wristband locato

Not only inside the prison but also out of the prison, RFID wristband locator can identification and tracking the position of guards and prisoners. By demand each equipped with a small wireless label, the information is stored within the positioning device in the system, in order to identification management, tracking and positioning, respectively of the prisoners, the accuracy positioning can be reflected through the detention room number.

Through the RFID prisoners Real-time positioning and tracking system, which can reduce the guards harder work significantly, reduce the misleading, raising the level of modern management in the prison, improve the security and the Self-protection ability, that make the prison realize information and intelligent in the turn sense.

RFID wristbands can realize the follow functions:

the first one, basic identification. The basic identification is the basic function of prisoner wireless which suit for liquidity management object number and larger place. Different from the traditional criminal registration card or check, professional prisoner wireless wristbands close-fitting wear by prisoners, can be in the built-in chip of wireless wristbands attached pictures, and other relevant information. So it can be very convenient to check, check the prisoner’s data in any place and any process , ensure accurate identification of each prisoner and related processing.

The second one is fine identification. Fine recognition is a deepening and complement of basic recognition.Criminals, the criminal wristbands provide a variety of color choices, which is used for the different types of prisoners that can distinguish different types prisoners. According to the nature of crimes, on death row, the truly and the other prisoners have different colors to distinguish.

According to the criminal suspect’s state in the process of the whole proceedings, their shall be classified, such as to distinguish the detained, arrested and has ruled the prisoners. According to the characteristics to distinguish high dangerous prisoner and other prisoners, prisoners and ordinary prisoners or infectious diseases. According to the criminal activity area, such as where can be involved in, where can’t involved. According to criminal behavior status, such as fighting, gathered, such as climbing action.

Wristbands wireless positioning system need to choose a suitable position and the key position to deploy, generally in these situations.Big to the dorm, snort playground, work place, a lawyer or family audience chamber, or out of detention places, remand the case for trial place, small to the door, window, corner, columns, railing, etc., using RFID wristband locator to accurately identify the prisoner identity, positioning, prevent errors or switched. Layout recognition, positioning device of main according to the environment, the design process, how many factors such as antenna gain, design program.

After equipped with handsets, according to the wireless wristbands the information retrieval to the details of the prisoners without reading files, its more conveinent.

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