August 17, 2016

Passive RFID Tag Help You Stop Electronic Pickpocketing


ISO 18000 standards family applies to RFID air interfaces for item identification, such as inventorying items within a store by sending out an RF signal and counting the number of returned IDs. Dr. Leir also claims that the abductees bodies showed no, or extremely little, inflammatory reaction to having the RFID devices implanted, which is currently an impossibility in the medical field. The signal is a form of energy that can be used to power the tag hence passive RFID tags may have no internal power source. The individualized data stored in the memory of the RFID transponder can be read out and/or modified.

Although passive tags of RFID don’t seem to involve a lot of security risk since they aren’t susceptible to active attacks such as viruses and malware that are aimed for computer systems. NFC stands for Near Field Communication while RFID means Radio Frequency Identification but that not the actual difference. If you have recently brought NFC tags but don’t know what to do with it, then you are at the right place.

This article features RFID technology and its components: passive RFID tag, RFID reader, antennas and interface layers. Some of the companies made the tags with a panic button on it. So when you face any difficulties like when you got stuck somewhere with the thieves or cons or in any disaster, you can just press the panic button and the details will be sent to the police. NFC tags are passive RFID tag, which means they take power from nearby sources.

Even in Logistics business by putting the RFID tags in the vehicles you will get to know every information of your shipment and according to that you will get things delivered at your doorstep exactly on time. They can be used for small automation tasks like turning WiFi ON/OFF by simply taping the tags on the phone. Usually these tag are not bigger than a coin and can hold around few kilobytes of data. They are also re writable which means you can use the same tags for different purposes by erasing its content. Therefore In this article I have compile a list of creative use of NFC Tags which can make your life simpler.

Smart posters are made by integration of NFC tag and movie posters to make it more interactive for the users. Program the NFC Tags to turn off Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth, activate silent profile and open the alarm app for the sleep mode. But using the apps like BT tag writer you can store the pairing information in CXJ NFC tags and then placed the tags near speakers. Now when you want to play music just tap the tags and you are easily connected within seconds. Program a NFC tags to open Google Maps, turned on the Bluetooth, connect your phone to your entertainment system while turning of the WiFi. Program a NFC tags to make call to your loved ones and then keep the tag near the Photo Stand.

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