September 22, 2016

NFC tag and NFC product from Chuangxinjia


An NFC tag is a small passive (no battery) device which contains a tiny microchip attached to a small loop antenna. When the tag is scanned by an NFC reader such as a mobile phone, it owners up and wireless transfers information such as a web address, text or a command for an App. The NFC tag can be locked so that the data on the tag cannot be changed or left unlocked so the data can be changed again and again.

NFC tags are typically printed stickers or plain stickers, but they can be also enclosed in NFC product such as keyfobs, wristbands, hang tags and many other items. Choosing which NFC product.

NFC Explained
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless communication technology which allows the transfer of data from one device to another at close range, typically a few centimetres. It has a huge range of applications from marketing to asset tracking in many markets from healthcare to personal use. It’s also the technology driving mobile payments and many transport infrastructures.

NFC is now supported by 90% of the leading mobile manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Google and HTC. Is your phone NFC compatible.

Using NFC
If you have an NFC enabled mobile phone then you can use NFC. It’s as simple as that. There’s also a fantastic and growing range of Apps and NFC software available whatever your project – whether that’s setting up a CXJ tag for home use to turn on your WiFi or a large scale asset tracking rollout.

Any NFC have a lot of experience working with clients on a whole range of projects. If you aren’t sure which NFC product or chip will suit your requirements, then just get in touch. We are here to help.

NFC Encoding
Encoding is the process of writing data, such as a web address, text or command to NFC tags. NFC tags can be easily encoded in small numbers using an NFC-enabled phone, with applications freely available on all mobile platforms.

NFC Chips
Inside each NFC tag is a tiny microchip which contains a small amount of memory. Compared to a USB stick or similar, it’s a miniscule amount of memory but it’s enough for a web address, an instruction or an ID – and that’s what makes NFC tags brilliant.

Different NFC chips contain different amounts of memory (and other features). To get more information on memory capacity and other data, have a look at which NFC chip .

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