December 21, 2015

NFC operating mode

NFC (Near Field Communication) modes of operation:
Card mode:
This mode is actually equivalent to an IC card using RFID technology. You can replace a large number of IC cards (including credit cards)apply for malls, bus cards, access control, tickets, tickets and so on. In this way, there is a great advantage, and that is powered by a non-contact card reader RF field, even the host device (such as mobile phones) can work without electricity.
Point to Point mode:
This mode is similar and infrared can be used for data exchange, but the transmission distance is short, transmission create faster, transmission speed more quick,and low power consumption (Bluetooth also similar). The two NFC-enabled device links, to achieve point to point data transmission, such as downloading music, exchanging pictures, or synchronize the device address book. Therefore, by NFC, you can exchange data between multiple devices or services such as digital cameras, PDA, computer and mobile phones.
Reader mode:
As a non-contact card reader, such as reading the relevant information from the poster exhibition information or electronic tags.

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