March 9, 2017

The Latest News About RFID! National Standard of Electronic License Plate is in Sight

Recently it has been reported by RFID world net that the national standard of electronic license plate is in sight. Equipping the car with electronic identification card to achieve the recognition of vehicles identify and dynamic monitoring. Whatever you really want it or not, it is getting closer and closer to us.

Electronic License Plate

Electronic License Plate

According to the newly-disclosed activity record chart about the relationship between investors, the Electronic License Plate standard made by ministry of public security in WuXi has been submitted to the international committee, perhaps it will be issued in the second half of this year, at best, currently, ChongQing Electronic License Plate has already prepared to upgrade when the new standard is issued, it has taken an important step forward for the national promotion.

As the 2nd-generation ID card of vehicle, Electronic License Plate is increasingly going toward to us. In 2015, it expanded application for demonstration purposes in WuXi, 100,000 was given out for the first time, later ShenZhen and BeiJing also began to research the installation, it is estimated that approximately 150,000 will be installed by the traffic police department in ShenZhen, at that time, BeiJing were also planning pilot programs in the second half of 2016.

In accordance with the content planning for the exposure draft of General Technical Specification of Automobile Electronic Identity drafted by, one million monitoring point will be set up throughout the country, the core area of traffic-clogged city will all employ Electronic License Plate to monitor in the future.

However, viewing from the reality of promotion, the pilot project in BeiJing has already been delayed than the previous schedule, Wuxi also encountered the problem of signal interference in pilot technology, the standard of Electronic License Plate used in various regions are different, which is difficult to coordinate, lacking of the unified standard becomes a big obstacle of the promotion for electronic licence plate.

The core technology applied in the electronic license plate is mainly RFID technology, if you would like to understand it better, you may visit CXJ RFID factory, Chuangxinjia is a leading company when it comes to e-commerce, specialized in producing and marketing of RFID products.

How would the follow-up development be? It remains to be seen.

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