August 12, 2016

Microsoft Teams Up With Sequence To Release The Sequence X RFID bracelets

NFC tags and RFID bracelets can replace the traditional bracelets worn by patients, and can be updated with real-time information, such as when a medication was last given, or which procedure needs to be performed. NFC opens up new possibilities for home monitoring, since an NFC-enabled wristband can be configured to track vital signs. All these different functions and capabilities got me wondering about what makes these bracelets tick (pun intended).

When NFC tags are added to a medication’s packaging or labeling, simply tapping the tag with a smartphone or tablet lets you verify the medication’s authenticity, view details about dosages, or read about side effects and drug interactions. As the industry continues to adopt the technology, we can expect NFC to play a major role in enhancing care by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving outcomes – in healthcare facilities and at home. This wristband / bracelet tag uses the Mifare Ultralight / NFC protocol¬†at 13.56MHz. At this year’s edition the paper entrance tickets were replaced by electronic bracelets.

I also heard that the RFID bracelets could have the capability of being linked to your credit card, so it can be used as an electronic purse at the bars and food stands on the festival site. It seems that the SI1063 is powered straight from the CR2032, while the NFC chip is powered by an IO pin of the SI1063 (while accessed via I2C, the chip itself can also be powered by and external RFID reader). The last feature, the Facebook contact sharing, can’t be implemented on the NFC radio since this one can’t initiate communication.

The other nfc bracelet would then receive the UID and store it on the NFC chip, which is basically an EEPROM. When leaving the festival site all the gathered UIDs would then be read via NFC from the chip. In an emergency situation a first responder can access your information with the tap of a NFC enabled mobile phone. If no suitable NFC device is available any device that has access to the internet such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac) can gain access with the unique code.

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