August 22, 2016

Meeting Planners Using NFC Wristband To Keep Things Interesting


Environmental NFC PVC wristband are also mainly used for hospital record tracking or identify application. They get their power from just being near a powered NFC device, for example a mobile phone. If you want to use NFC, you can buy NFC tags, stickers and products from any number of places on the internet – just do a Google search for NFC tags!

Then visit the Kimtag Store and order some NFC tags, NFC PVC wristband or other NFC items. If you aren’t sure, then get started with a couple of the standard white sticker NFC tags and you’ll see what it’s all about. Further uses for the wristband in event ticketing at music festivals and sporting events may include an NFC (near field communication) chip that would allow contactless payment at the concessions and turnstiles. We offer module solutions for OEMs as well as complete USB and Bluetooth connected NFC readers to tackle whatever application you have in mind.

We are leading experts in NFC technology with proven record of various successful implementations of hardware and software projects. We offer services such as NFC training to help developers work with NFC, design and build of custom NFC readers and tuning of custom NFC antenna. Since its opening, TapTrack has been working with CHILL to implement a cashless payment system using NFC technology.

Instead, the order is entered directly into the system at the moment it is processed through tablet and is paid by customers tapping their NFC card against the tablet. They are given the NFC wristbands which contains their information to enter the event, by tapping the NFC wristbands with NFC readers at the entrance. The check-in station is activated by tapping NFC wristband and generates pre-programmed social media interactions with event hashtag. The vendors at the event can follow up with the guests whose information is stored in the NFC readers located at the vendors’ stands.

With TapLead, attendees’ information can be directly stored in the mobile device by tapping the NFC name tag on NFC readers/mobile phones. Compare to magnetic strips that can be easily cloned, NFC contactless ID are not. The design offers simple, basic commands such as set date/time, reset, program and playback content and download NFC scan details and analytical data.

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