March 2, 2017

Do You Know the Main Charm of Woven Wristbands That Makes It So Popular?

Today we will focus on a kind of wrist strap – woven wristbands. Firstly, here I want to raise a question, do you know who uses Woven RFID wristbands? Well, let’s take a look at the answer, who on earth need to use woven wristbands, woven RFID wristbands provide a secure and highly functional wristband solution that is utilized by music festivals primarily, but also by smaller events worldwide, especially those running for multiple days.

Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristbands

Then what’s the main charm of woven wristbands that makes it so popular? Woven wristbands are a high quality souvenir and admission bands for their characteristics of comfort, security and memorabilia. The RFID chip, or tag, is embedded within a PVC slide that is connected to the woven wristband. The UID (Unique Identification) number of the wristband can be engraved on the reverse of the PVC tag. It provides a comfortable method of incorporating RFID on the wristband, and does not affect read ranges when the band is scanned. This wristband is nontransferable and designed for multi – day use.

The type of RFID chip/inlay varies with your event, venue, usage or goals. The exact chip and specification will be advised by the company member who manages your scanning systems, but generally you will require a Mifare Classic or Ultralight chip/inlay as this provides enough memory to meet most requirements.

Next, I will introduce our product characteristics and some application fields.

Chuangxinjia Product Characteristics and application fields:

Closed-loop wrist strap, high resilience, easy to wear, convenient to use, waterproof, dampproof, quakeproof and high temperature resistance. CXJ woven wristbands are widely used in all kinds of fields owing to its various advantages, RFID wristbands can be applied in exhibition, office building, campus, amusement park, concert tickets, bus, air parcel, entrance guard of high-grade residential area, traffic pay, item management, one card and access control attendance for enterprise, warehouse management, tracing to the source, recreational activities and so on.

We supply several types of woven wristbands, including Single Use and Reusable Woven wristbands. If you would like a woven wristband and would prefer other dimensions or shapes, or you want to utilize high security metallic thread in your wristband design, no problem, please feel free to contact us. We will customize the most suitable products according to your requirements.

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