August 30, 2016

Library Lntelligent Management – RFID Library Label


At present,the library RFID systems have got scale application in the public library, university library, children’ library and research institutes and other various types libraries.

RFID UHF Library Label: Widely used for management of books and files, etc. Its antenna uses flexible material for being convenient, compact and conceal, yet reaches high reading rates, ensures safe and efficient results.

RFID HF Library Label: Widely used in books and documents inventory, sorting, and query managements. Its antenna uses the flexible bending resistant material, which prevents the label from damage.

CXJ’s RFID Library Label (or tags) are widely used for automatic data capture in
library applications (i.e., academic, public, corporate, and other special applications).RFID technology provides an enhanced user experience for library applications and inrelated industries that require item tracking. For the library market, these tags
provide convenient solutions for self check-in or check-out, RFID gate, library article
return, product sorting, theft prevention, and queue busting. Identiv’s portfolio
delivers reliable label options for all media used in the education field (i.e., books,
CDs, DVDs, and now laptops and tablets).

RFID Library Label Benefits

1,Compatible: Full compatibility with existing infrastructures
2,Global solution: Usable by major libraries worldwide
3,Tested: Quality label with 100% testing
4,Customizable: Comprehensive set of options available for customization (i.e., barcode, printing, or encoding)

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