November 28, 2017

Let RFID tags technology help you to increase work efficiency

Internet of Things profile

RFID tags technology

1. What is the Internet of Things?

“Internet of things (IOT)” is use network to connect daily supplies, products and electronic equipment together. Then through the software system to collect and exchange data. Because to build the IOT need to use a variety technology. Including RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Devices), NFC(Near Field Communication), mobile network and Bluetooth.

RFID tags technology

2. What kind of benefits bring from IOT

In recent years, clothing industry and consumer goods retailers have been using RFID tags to improve efficiency all the time, and quickly check the inventory in warehouse and store shelves. Because there is a chip in the tags to storage relate this product. so for more advantages are better than traditional bar code inventory system is:

  • The inventory checking has been greatly improve, it can read multiple goods at a second;
  • Large inventory data size and can rewrite;
  • The data can be read at a distance;
  • The readings don’t need to be in the scanner’s sight.

America Auburn University RFID specialist “Bill Hardgrave” also expressed the business benefit of this technology. There is about 50% famous clothing brand, department store and retailer to assess, test and use RFID around the world.

RFID tags technology

RFID tags technology

RFID tags technology  applied in airlines

3. The effect of the RFID tags applied to airlines

In 2016, one of US airlines company used RFID tags technology to instead of the manual scanning bar code technology. As a result, it reduced the probability of luggage lost. And this technology has reached 99.9% success rate for the first time in the course of a year. So compared with the traditional bar code system success rate was only 85%. High accuracy can be greatly reduced the probability of luggage mishandled, it helps to save millions of dollars and a lot of time.

RFID tags technology

This technology has been successful in the retail and aviation industry, so it also will have a similar effect in the food industry. Because the “food waste” is a costly and complicated problem.

If you want to know how RFID work in food industry, please pay attention to us, we will update in the next text, thanks!

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