December 18, 2015

Iran Smart bus card

Iran Smart bus card
Bus cards could potentially be used in other means of transport including a taxi, ferry, street cars. Plans are that in near future every passenger will have smart fare ticket in the pocket. Doesn’t matter how big or small transportation company is, on which geographic area it is situated, currency used, profile of passengers.

To get the ride in the bus, street car, subway, ferry or to use other means of mass transportation you have to have money or proper ticket in your pocket. Everybody using mass transportation system knows frustrations of lineups, lost tickets, expired tickets, no enough change in the pocket, hustle when trying to pay to the driver, get change back, move forward.
Chuangxinjia’s  bus cards protect privacy where needed, can contain digital log with location, date, time, person’s stamp to record every transaction, kind of small ePurse system and it can carry your advertising message or you can sell that space to somebody else.

Chuangxinjia have signed a long term agreement with Iranian Government for producing Bus cards .

From Oct 2009 We produce bus M1 cards for Iran , we offer 400.000pcs cards per year  Which marked we have developed Middle east Asia market successfully .

We look forward to welcoming you.

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