July 26, 2018

Internet + RFID sticker tags, take the lead in intelligent packaging

What is intelligent packaging?

Intelligent packaging is a kind of information and function that can perceive, monitor, record and adjust the environment of products, also can transmit information to users.

RFID smart tags have begun to emerge since the 1990s. As an important part of smart packaging, how does RFID smart tags help smart packaging?

smart label rfid sticker tag intelligent packaging

Passive RFID sticker tags and active rfid tags

RFID sticker tags, also known as electronic tags, smart tags, RF CARDS, etc. The core technology uses radio frequency signals to automatically identify specific objects, track items, and collect relevant data information.

RFID sticker tags are usually classified as active and passive. Active tags can send data to readers actively and are generally used in applications with obstacles. Passive rfid tags must use reader carriers to modulate their own signals and are commonly used in areas such as access control or traffic cards.

rfid sticker tags

rfid sticker tags

The biggest advantage of RFID sticker tags is that they are easy to identify. Can identify multiple moving objects at the same time, and can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic.

In addition, RFID smart label identification work does not need human intervention, and can be applied in a variety of adverse environments. The stored electronic information can be protected by password, which has high security. It is not limited by size and shape when reading, and is suitable for the market demand of miniaturization and diversification .

The development of Internet technology has promoted the application of RFID, but it has not been fully applied. On the one hand, the price is still much higher than the price of ordinary tags, but RFID tags can be reused. On the other hand, is the application of RFID tag needs according to the characteristics of the industry. And use the “tailored”, in a certain industry, such as books, clothes. The successful application cannot be copied to other industries.

Intelligent packaging brings us a lot of convenience. A supermarket in Taiwan, for example, uses smart labels that allow consumers to quickly check out shopping bags at the checkout counter.

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