November 9, 2017

How to use RFID Disposable Bracelets to improve Medical Management?

1. Project Profile

RFID Disposable Bracelets

Now the medical care system in continuously improving. The hospital information degree has greatly improved. Most big hospitals are using the Hospital Information System already (HIS). The medical service level has improved after applied HIS system.

But currently still exiting some problem in the HIS system didn’t solve. For example, when they meet an emergency patient must to be rescue in time. Doctors and nurses must to find the patient case first, check the medical history; drug allergy history and other important information. Then aim at situation and process rescue in time. But all of these will delay the best time to rescue patients.


2. About System

These problems can readily solved after hospital applied RFID system. Every patients will wear a RFID disposable bracelets. It can save patient’s relative information. Including basic personal data; drug allergy history and other important information. Other more details can through RFID code corresponding to the database.

Currently, the hospital existing HIS system has input basic information of every registration patients already. But the information can’t follow patient to go anywhere. Medical staff only can check the exact information of the patient on a computer. But now, we just need a simple RFID disposable bracelets, medical staff can grasp the exact information of every patient in anytime and anywhere.


3. Frame and Analysis


RFID disposable bracelets

Can seen from the above. The final complete case of patient is storage in hospital server. And doctor’s RFID handheld machine also can storage patient case. Through RFID handheld machine can accurately read the information from RFID disposable bracelets. Also can load into corresponding information. Such as whether a patient is allergic to certain drugs? Have been played needle today? Have been eaten medicine today? …… It greatly improved patient management efficiency for hospital. RFID technology completely replaced the patient information card.

We do application of patient identification all the time in daily medical activities. Including use the ID card which is recorded the information of the patient. But unfortunately, these methods tend to cause the wrong identification results, even to cause medical accidents.

Hospital to clear identity that patient must to follow the following three basic principle:

  • Provide the accuracy and unify patient identification, and it covers all relevant departments of the hospital;
  • Set up patient and medical archive, clear corresponding relationship with all kinds of treatment activities;
  • Use reliable identification products, ensure patient identification will not be change or lost.


4. Benefit Analysis

  • Help doctors and nurses to confirm patient identity for difficult communication patient.
  • Monitoring and tracing people getting into the high-risk area around without permission.
  • When a medical emergency situation, infectious disease, terrorist threat and other situation pose a threat to the normal and effective work of the hospital. RFID system can push restrictive measure to implementation. Prevent medical care people, staff and patients in and out hospital without permission.
  • RFID disposable bracelets allows hospital administrator to encrypted a part of data. So even the RFID disposable bracelets is missing, other person also won’t crack.
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