August 18, 2016

How To Use NFC Tags With Your Android Phone


How to use NFC tag with your Android Phone? Setting Alarms: For those of you perpetually late deep sleepers, there’s a special app for creating alarms using NFC called Puzzle Alarm Clock. Its fiendishly simple premise: In order to disarm the alarm, you must tap the phone against a special NFC tag designed to shut the alarm off. Car Mode: One of my most useful NFC tags automatically turns my phone into a car guidance system. The best place to buy NFC tags from is from recycled sources, such as old hotel keys.

Differing forms and technologies: NFC tags can appear in a variety of differing forms, from key chains to credit cards. I prefer using NFC stickers, which contain the basic circuitry needed, in addition to an adhesive side. For example, the Nexus 4 supports the NTAG230 NFC standard, whereas the majority of devices (but not all) use the MIFARE Classic 1K tags. As a matter of fact, NFC chips will be incorporated right into your smartphone’s circuitry.

Virtually all CXJ NFC tags can be read by NFC-enabled devices but some cannot be written to. Other tags may not possess the necessary quantity of writable memory required by some memory intensive applications. They’re cheap and the technology is all over the place, although primarily outside the US. Right now NFC mainly is used to streamline behaviors that you would normally take minutes doing – such as finding and entering a Wi-Fi password, or setting your alarm before going to sleep.

Ultimately, whether or not you get a billionaire’s experience out of NFC hinges entirely on your own creativity. About 20 percent of phones worldwide might have NFC capabilities by 2014 source: Juniper With the widespread reach of NFC phones, NFC tags could one day become as commonplace as bar codes. For example, you could place NFC tags on your bedside table, near your front door, in your car, and on your desk at work.

Or, at your favorite restaurants, you can touch your phone to an NFC tagged menu and voila – you have the entire menu on your phone, along with nutritional information and mouth-watering descriptions of the ingredients in your favorite dishes. First, you’ll need an Android phone with NFC hardware in it — and most Android phones will now offer that. Search for NFC tags on a site like and you’ll find them available for a fairly low price. When you place your phone’s NFC reader near them, the NFC reader provides power to the tag, and can read the data from the tag. For example, the NFC Tools app will let you write data to a tag and read the data already on tags.

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