August 18, 2016

How To Use NFC Sticker Tags


All nfc sticker tags wholesalers & nfc sticker tags manufacturers come from members. There are several NFC chip types available and the choice of which NFC chip type to use is important. If you are not sure which NFC chip to use, our recommendation is to get a couple of each type to test with. Ready Made NFC key tags are pre-printed with the GoToTags NFC symbol that lets the user know the key tag is NFC-enabled. They are made of waterproof hard epoxy and come assembled with a black mini stretch lanyard or silver double key ring. We get all excited about all things NFC and are always happy to help you get the best from your NFC project.

We provide NFC products to a wide variety of individuals, companies, organisations, advertising agencies, manufacturers and print shops. Waterproof NFC icon epoxy tag.#NFCtag #NFCepoxytag #waterproof NFC tag Crafts: Four color off-set printing, Thermal Number, Digital Number, punching, UV Coating, epoxy coating you have an NFC enabled mobile phone then you can use NFC. There’s also a fantastic and growing range of Apps and NFC software available whatever your project – whether that’s setting up a tag for home use to turn on your WiFi or a large scale asset tracking rollout.

Crafts available: Printing, serial number, barcode, and so on. Application: NFC mobile payment, NFC electronic intelligence posters, Electronic ticket, production identification, NFC electronic sign in, Mobile name cards, library management, entrance access, or expense, and so on. The Key Tags can be used in all contactless applications where a tag form factor provides a more convenient way for identification.

The NFC sticker tags is finely designed to attract the customers eyes, the nice appearance is aim to promote company image. NFC is short for Nearly Field Communication ,allows two electronic devices to exchange information if they are close to each other. Fox example, the nfc cell phone can read data off of an nfc tag embedded inside of a poster or business card. NTAG203 NFC coloured Sticker in square shape of size 30*30mm with a Car Mode logo, toggle your GPS by tapping on sticker.

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