August 25, 2016

How To Choose RFID Vehicle Tag


RFID vehicle tag offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company secured parking or even a car wash. Data capacity: The capacity of data storage on a tag can vary from 16 bits to several thousand bits. Form factor: The tag and antenna structure can come in a variety of physical form factors and can either be self-contained or embedded as part of a traditional label structure (termed as‘smart label,’it has the tag inside what looks like a regular bar code label).

Passive and active: Passive tag have no battery and broadcast their data only when energised by a reader. This means their read range is greater than passive tag—around 30 metres or more, versus 5 metres or less for most passive tag. Today, active tag are much more likely to be used for high-value items or fixed assets such as trailers, where the cost is minimal compared to item value and very long read ranges are required, such as RFID vehicle tag.

Most traditional supply chain applications, such as the RFID-based tracking and compliance programmes emerging in the consumer goods retail chain, use the less expensive passive tags. Frequency range: Like all wireless communications, there are a variety of frequencies or spectra through which RFID tags communicate with readers. The transceiver filters and amplifies the backscatter signal from a passive RFID tag.

For instance, low-frequency tag are cheaper than ultra-high-frequency (UHF) tags, use less power and are better able to penetrate non-metallic substances. Electronic product code (EPC) tags: EPC is an emerging specification for CXJ RFID tags, readers and business applications. It represents a specific approach to item identification, including an emerging standard for the tags—with both the data content of the tag and open wireless communication protocols.

RF transceiver: RF transceiver is the source of RF energy used to activate and power the passive RFID tag. Payment by mobile phones: When inserted into a mobile phone, the microSD card can be both a passive tag and an RFID reader.After inserting the microSD, a user’s phone can be linked to bank accounts and used in mobile payment. Mobile computers, with integrated RFID readers, can now deliver a complete set of tools that eliminate paperwork, give proof of identification and attendance. Inventory systems: An advanced automatic identification technology based on RFID technology has significant value for inventory systems.

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