November 1, 2017

How RFID NFC label work for retail purchase-sales-inventory management

RFID NFC label fit in retail industry. How they work for retail purchase-sales-inventory management?

RFID NFC label


1. Project Profile

With the technological development. The computer operation and management become simplified increasingly; and

computer knowledge also become popularized increasingly. At the same time, the market economy changing fast and the

competition is intense also. So it will become a trend and necessity that the enterprise to adopt computer manage stock,

inventory, sales and other link.


 2. System Structure

Use of Ethernet network structure base on TCP/IP, B/S software structure. Combine with RFID technology to realize goods

purchase-sell-stock digital management.


RFID NFC label


3. System Process

   The goods management mainly have purchase; put in storage; inventory; sale; out of storage; queries; etc. Showing as

follow picture:





RFID NFC label


Identify stock goods by RFID NFC label, save the RFID tag data and goods information in the server, to realize record of

goods are put in storage. There are two main ways of label initialization:

1. PC connection with RFID read-write device, first writes the data, then stick it on the goods;

2. PDA handset, stick the label on the goods directly, then use PDA scanning logging data.


When the goods sell out, just need to scan label by PDA handset, then you can query the storage information of goods

(goods information, goods price). After come to an agreement for goods sell, just need to enter the sales price then can finish

the sales information of goods, it more convenient and efficient.


4. Software Function Introduce

Software use B/S structure, just need to open a browser and enter the URL, then you can login the system. Clear interface,

comprehensive and practical function, simple and convenient operation.


Software mainly constitutes by following 7 modules: purchase management, inventory management, sales management,

data statistics, goods tracking, information management and system help, it covers goods informatization management.

RFID case
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