August 18, 2016

How much information can an RFID tag store?

RFID tag store

How much information can an RFID tag store? It depends on the vendor and the application, but typically a tag would carry no more than 2KB of data—enough to store some basic information about the item it is on. Companies are now looking at using a simple “license plate” tag that contains only a 96-bit serial number. The simple tags are cheaper to manufacture and are more useful for applications where the tag will be disposed of with the product packaging.

Each manufacturer has its own design of tag storage for different applications. To ensure cost effectiveness, the design typically will be just enough (around 2 KB) to store the necessary information about the attached object. In the past, the tags with the most memory stored 512 bits, while currently certain tags can store up to 8 KB (kilobytes).


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