September 7, 2016

How does NFC work ?

How does NFC work

How does NFC work ? Bluetooth and Wi-Fi seem similar to near field communication on the surface. All three allow wireless communication and data exchange between digital devices like smartphones. Yet near field communication utilizes electromagnetic radio fields while technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi focus on radio transmissions instead.

Unlike Bluetooth, NFC doesn’t require any kind of manual pairing or device discovery to transfer data. With NFC, a connection is automatically started when another NFC device enters into that four-inch range. Once in range, the two devices instantaneously communicate and send prompts to the user. There’s huge potential with NFC. Listed below are three major ways NFC can facilitate communication between two devices. And introduce you How does NFC work ?

Digital Wallet: Placing your handset within 4 inches of the Pay Pad will prompt your wallet or passbook and then ask you to confirm payment. With Apple Pay this means placing your finger on the home button.

Sharing between Android devices: When two enabled NFC devices are in range, a prompt will appear asking if you’d like to “Beam” whatever content (videos, contact information, or photos) is on-screen to the other Android device.

NFC Chips: These “taps” can be programmed with Tasker to perform certain tasks when scanned. For instance, you can put one on your desk and with a quick scan on the tap, you can set your phone to vibrate, disable GPS, or enable only work-related notifications, among other features.

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