August 23, 2016

Events Updates and RFID Wristband Developments


In fact, the RFID wristband have recently been used for this actual marketing method. Back in September, RFID wrist rings were custom made for the particular new Call of Duty game’s XP event inside L. A. The sociable gaming event saw thousands of COD fans enjoy the game in a real life environment (fake guns regarding course) and during the particular simulated war-zone, fans might use their wristbands, fitted along with RFID chips to article their scores and images direct to Facebook. This particular type of social interaction may add value to activities and allow marketers in order to measure ROI on fresh levels.

RFID wristband have been used to tie the big event together and provided a new seamless interactive environment followers, from ‘Start’to ‘Game Over’. Fans received the COD designed CXJ RFID wristband after registration and then joined the live-action arena by simply tapping the wristbands towards RFID access gates. Throughout the activities, fans may use the RFID wristbands to post scores and photographs of the action right to their Facebook users, making their friends above all jealous!

This is a new great example of how brands can embrace RFID technology and add benefit to events. In this example, the RFID wristband not only joined the physical world with fan’s online social networks, yet provided organisers with improved security and access control. RFID systems that function in tandem with the wristbands have the ability to acquire and monitor info, giving marketeers valuable data for post event research and follow-up marketing.

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